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Blockchain Education

MUGLA Sitkı Kocman University (MSKU)- Computer Engineering Department

MSKU NetSecLab (Network & Security Lab) and MdevLab (Mobile Development Lab) Wiki

The materials in this wiki aim to give information about

  • Our research topics (Network & security, Mobile computing technologies, Health informatics)
  • The courses which are given by Dr. Enis KARAARSLAN
  • The academic work (research, thesis, papers, reports) done in the NetSecLab (Network & Security Lab) and MdevLab (Mobile development lab)

Our research topics include:

  • Security - Cyber security
  • Security - Information Privacy
  • Security - Block Chain Research Group -
  • Network - Campus Area Networks
  • Network - Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Health informatics (Security&Privacy and other)
  • Mobile Computing

Cyber Security Education Slides (Turkish): A special series of slides on "Security Philosphy & Cyber Security" in Turkish
Güvenlik Felsefesi ve Siber Güvenlik Temelleri Sunumu-



NetsecLab link

Mdevlab link

CS Lectures

The lectures below are given by Dr. Enis KARAARSLAN in Muğla Sitki Koçman University, Department of Computer Engineering

Computer Science:




Publications will be entered here. To see the ones that are edited in this wiki.


Documentation & Cnap

MSKU Cisco Network Academy Program documents can be reached with the following link:


Cyber Team

Who wants to have some fun :)

Cyber Team - CTF Team: MSKU Route’em All

MSKU Computer Engineering

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