CENG 2034: Operating Systems

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CENG 2034: Operating Systems

Instructor: Dr. Enis KARAARSLAN

Office: Faculty of Engineering, room: E1-05

Web: Academic Web Page
Mail group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ceng2034-2020

Course Description

Understanding how operating systems works. Examples will be given in Linux and Python.

Textbook(s) (but not limited to):

Operating System Concepts, 9th Edition by Abraham Silberschatz, Peter Baer Galvin and Greg Gagne


Grades will be weighted as follows:
10% : Attendance
20% : Assignments
20% : Midterm
50% : Final exam 

Labs and Assignments:

  1. https://gitlab.com/CakirHuseyin/CENG_2034_Operating_Systems-2018


Class attendance is mandatory. Although I do not have a rigid cut policy, I will take attendance most days, and anyone who has missed lots of classes and is doing poorly in the course should not expect much sympathy from me. If you do miss a class, it is your responsibility to make up the materials. 

Course Topics:

Weeks	        Topics
1.		Introduction
2.		Introduction(2), System Structures
3.		System Structures
4.		Processes Concept
5.		Multithreaded Programming
6.		Multithreaded Programming(2), Process Scheduling
7.		Process Scheduling(2)
8.		Midterm
9.		Network Basics, Process / thread implementation in Python
10.		Syncronization
11.		Syncronization (2), Deadlocks
12.		Deadlocks(2)
13.		Case Study 1: Linux
14.		Revision



Organized slides in: